Engaging and inspiring our people has never been more important. The good news is that it’s never been easier to bring global audiences together.

David’s purpose built broadcast studio suite allows for quick turnaround and live high-quality delegate experiences. Whether it be as a Virtual Keynote Speaker, Emcee, Host or Facilitator, David and his team work hard to ensure your job is as easy as possible and your event is successful in today’s virtual environment.

Drawing on a full technology suite, David delivers immersive and interactive learning experiences that replicate, and even improve, the experience of educating your people.

David can deliver an energetic session where he shares real research backed content to motivate your employees and facilitate live team-building activities.

He’ll inject plenty of fun and humour throughout giving delegates a challenging and motivating online experience.

David has become a pioneer in virtual events with his technology expertise and standard of production seeing him host full events for clients such as Aflac, GSK, Cisco, DELL, Deloitte and Virgin Media, to delegates across the world.

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    • “David delivered above our expectations and presented in a very fresh, energetic and engaging manner.”

      – Martin Boyle, CEO


  • “Feedback from the event was first class, we really connected our people.”

    – Christopher Burns, Head of Change


  • “David’s energy is infectious. He genuinely cares and it felt like an extension of our team having him onboard for our client event.”

    – Megan Dawson, Account Director (Top Banana)



Immersive Keynotes

David lifts your audience with his energy, knowledge, and uniquely engaging style. Just like an in-person event, your audience will hang on his every word.

David’s research backed cutting edge tools and techniques have been used across the globe by leading companies for many years. David’s delivery style ensures his content resonates with everyone and client’s marvel at his ability to skilfully embed their key messages.

All delegates leave with a practical and actionable toolkit which they can apply and employ straightaway, to make a difference to their business, their team and themselves.

Host and Emcee

David’s natural style hails from his ten years BBC broadcast television experience which he uses to captivate and retain your audience’s attention.

Your team’s voice is at the very centre of every event. They form a key part of every session as David involves them throughout. These truly interactive moments ensure the audience is fully engaged.

Far more than simple polls and chat, David draws on 15 years of facilitation expertise to make sure everyone on your team is seen, heard and has a voice.

Live Virtual Team Mosaic

This team building activity is a powerful collaborative process like nothing else in the world. Using our unique software program, participants actually produce a small work of art that is uploaded to create ONE LARGE VIRTUAL MOSAIC, in real time.

Every image is designed from the ground up to reflect your company message. Participants will be blown away at the final image and the power of their individual contribution to the collective masterpiece.

The Virtual Mosaic brings remote teams literally and figuratively together to provide a fun anchoring experience.

Virtual Give a Hand

Teamed with a compelling keynote directly related to current industry opportunities and challenges, participants will open the box they have received to their chosen address. Inside they’ll have all the equipment they need to build a real clinical prosthetic hand with a life span of up to 10 years.

The impact and messaging of this activity is extremely powerful as everyone is working remotely on the same challenge with a collective sense of purpose.

This session is the perfect business metaphor to reinforce the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Gameshow and Entertainment

David can host and facilitate a TV quality broadcast Gameshow quiz that is highly entertaining and has everyone on the edge of their seat.

Delegates will become their own audience with this live show. Created to mix business with pleasure this session translates well as an awards ceremony, special achievements party or a business news reveal.

Gameshow is a great energiser and a fun way to celebrate the hard work of your employees.  This session is a positive finale and closes a virtual event off on a high!


Successful virtual events with David include

  • Interaction

    Build unforgettable participation into your LIVE event plan and watch as your audience engage and share like never before, just like in-person events they’ll be heard and seen. They’ll be inspired with business-specific insights that challenge them to reinvigorate their performance.

  • Expertise


    With over a decade of BBC broadcasting experience, and hundreds of virtual events delivered, David’s on-screen presence shines through. Live from his dedicated multi camera Broadcast TV studio, using cutting edge technology David creates online events that are a step change in the virtual event space.

  • Authentic

    Science Backed

    Drawing on years of business psychology research into the science of high performance, David’s sessions are jam packed with actionable evidence-backed tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.  Through a live demo call David can demonstrate the interactive experiments that make messages truly stick for years.

  • Insights


    David has been trusted by the world’s biggest brands to inspire their teams both virtually and in person. RBS, British Airways, Apple, and Facebook and countless other Fortune 500 businesses have all drawn on David’s practical applications of high-performance principles to transform their people.



High energy | Immersive 👌 | Educational 💡 | Inspiring 🥁 | Motivating 💪 | Positive 📈 | Interactive 🙌 | Engaging 🌟 | Fun 😂 | Virtual Experience 🚀


  • ✓   Event Production

    Select from a range of great options to support all event styles, capacities and capabilities. Sessions include a graphically rich multimedia experience blending video, interactivity, and real time collaboration throughout.

    David and his team work alongside clients prior to their online event to understand key messaging and to support them in creating a perfect production solution for their event.

    Clients appreciate David’s hands on approach in helping them create an event that leaves a lasting impression with their delegates. He’s leading the way with event tech solutions.

  • ✓   Bespoke

    Collaborate with David and build a bespoke event from the ground up. Draw on all his virtual event expertise gained from the hundreds of world-class professional events he’s been involved in, to create your own top-class event.

    Incorporating David’s experience with corporate themes draws the audience in. His truly interactive moments keep them watching and listening, as well as delivering all the actionable learnings they need.

    Your event will be built to include all the critical messages and ensure these are communicated in an impactful and seamless way.