The Power of TV

August 30, 2021

How do you unite your team, and bring them together even when they’re apart? Easy. Create an internal TV show! 🎥 📺

Running once every few weeks to engage, inspire, inform, and entertain, it’s an incredible way to bring your team together whether they’re working in the office, at home, or anywhere in between. 👏

With a different theme every episode, your team explore leadership, motivation, mindset, and more importantly get to spend time together in a relaxed and ‘agendaless’ space. They’ll laugh while learning, and feel more connected than ever. 🙌

Your team are the star of the show, and their voice is at the very center of every episode. Just because your team is socially distanced, doesn’t mean they need to be socially isolated. 📈

We’re delivering this for 7 clients at the moment, with every show featuring a different format, shape, and structure to match their culture and makeup. All clients have renewed for second, third, and even fourth seasons, such is the feedback and impact from their remote workforce. Thousands of colleagues CHOOSE to tune in every episode, hearing critical business messages while they’re learning and networking with their colleagues across the business. 😀 ✅ 🤩

Watch this summary of season one of WSP TV, a regular online tv show that unites the team at WSP, brilliantly conceived by Mark Naysmith, supported by . We’ve loved working with Natalie Lord every week on making sure the real voices of WSP in the UK are heard to talk about the issues that matter most to them.

It’s the most fun we’ve had working on a TV project, blending comms with community, and we can’t wait to launch the next season in a few weeks.


WSP TV S1 audience

It is lovely to see the audience reaction and feedback from creating this TV series, to learn more about this project feel free to reach out to the team today and they’ll show you how it could work for your next event.






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