Teambuilding Allstate style

August 16, 2018

A Town Hall address for our friends at Allstate Northern Ireland, two hours of learning, collaboration, and fun!

The aim was to celebrate the incredible work that their international team of agents do globally.  It was a great opportunity to not just recognise the value of their incredible global network of partners, but also to learn about what makes them the best in their regions. 

David delivered an interactive session on how to build a growth mindset, how to engage and inspire teams, and how to take real ownership and accountability of decision making.  Through the sessions activities delegates discovered and learned about their colleagues.   

Delegates enjoyed the interactivity involved and really benefited from coming together. The feedback showed the success and impact of the event.

‘Awesome event David, great to see everyone so engaged’.

‘Brilliant session. Very engaging and thoroughly enjoyed’.

‘A very memorable day with our friends at Allstate Northern Ireland and with David Meade. David thank you for your amazing session. You are world class! Thank you all for such a great visit and wonderful hospitality’.

‘Incredible day at Allstate Northern Ireland!  After just a couple days together we felt as if we had always been friends! Inspired by what we are doing here at Allstate Northern Ireland and blown away by the welcome we were given. Thanks for the great session David Meade’. 

‘David’s whole show was exceptional, his engagement with the crowd and participants was excellent. David’s preparation and communication before the event ensured it ran without a hitch, he had researched Allstate and the Agents he engaged with during the show very thoroughly. David’s mix of topics during the show was exactly what we wanted’.


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