Simply Brilliant for Top Banana

May 26, 2021

David has loved working with Top Banana and their client Virgin Media on a variety of their key employee engagement programmes across 2020 and 2021.

As emcee and guest speaker he was involved throughout the events, meeting great people along the way.

David’s energy and enthusiasm stood out for Top Banana, he was a real asset when scoping and planning the events, with each event creating connections and building new ones for everyone involved!

David is an expert on how to keep the energy levels high and seamlessly linking sessions together, giving a high quality broadcast experience.

Having a professional host and speaker involved for the whole event helped plan ahead and counteract any technical challenges.

Watch this short video below to hear exactly why working with David on your virtual event makes a real difference.



Creating virtual events may seem like a real challenge but using the experience of a professional team to help scope, plan and execute a virtual event is absolutely possible.

David and his team have delivered circa 150 virtual and hybrid events over the last 12 months, every event with its own specific requirements and technical challenges, client’s have tapped into this expertise to help craft their own sensational online event.

Speak to the team at David Meade today to plan your next virtual event, contact us here.

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