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David Meade is a world-class international corporate speaker, performer and TV personality with a renowned reputation for helping organisations work more effectively. His mindreading, and mentalist skills impress and baffle worldwide audiences making his entertainment and keynotes hard to forget. His sought-after services are applicable to any industry, engagement, or occasion. David always guarantees a highly energetic, fun and engaging session.

David was a researcher and lecturer in international business with one of Irelands leading Universities. He has a personal interest in popular psychology, consumer behaviour, and choice. By combining his professional and personal passions with his love of mentalism, David has become one of Europe’s most renowned speakers with a reputation for an innovative style that forces audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.

Having caught the bug for mind-reading and mentalism as a teenager, David has been honing his act for over 20 years. He has combined a childhood interest with his academic interests to create the remarkable set of skills that he is famous for today. Drawing inspiration from many sources, as well as day to day observations, David’s act is forever changing, “In my line of work you have to keep an open mind, that’s why I’m always open to new lessons, new experiences and new technology. It’s the only way you can keep up to date and stop your work getting stale.”

David Meade is a first-class honours graduate from Ulster Business School, and his work as a lecturer and researcher in International Business and Strategy with the University of Ulster, has built his reputation as one of Europe’s most sought after motivational and organisational speakers, trainers, and facilitators.

Over 85% percent of David’s diary is spent working at the executive level, motivating and inspiring some of the largest and most diverse organisations. He’s worked with organisations such as: Apple, PwC, BT, Saba, Harvard in Boston, the Cabinet Office in Westminster, Bombardier, and the Bank of America.

David works with clients to help them improve business operations and performance, by working with all levels within an organisation. He does that by drawing on decades of cutting edge research on management, organisational culture and leadership to build scientifically sound and evidence based development programs, that create demonstrable improvements. David receives acclaim from clients that recognise the strong business value he offers organisations.

Having caught the bug for mind-reading and mentalism as a teenager, David has been honing his act for nearly 20 years. He is the only mentalist on the planet to have cracked the casinos in Las Vegas in order to win one million dollars, of which he gave back. Today he combines his childhood interests with his academic ones, to create the remarkable set of skills that he is famous for today. Drawing inspiration from many sources, as well as his day to day observations, David’s act is always developing and changing. His performances not only amaze and entertain audiences, but they leave fascinated by what he can do. In some performances, he will interpret body language to reveal pin numbers and bank account details, he will detect lies, and influence the apparently free decisions of those in the audience. All of this has been done in the best possible taste, and he has been a huge hit wherever he’s delivered it.

David’s CPD and motivational programmes are designed to build relationships, develop sustainable organisational engagement, and inspire and enthuse attendees to embrace the new cultures and values that the client espouses. All session content is delivered in a high energy and interactive style that captures attention and makes salient messages easier to digest, while also being predicated on evidence based research and techniques that have been rigorously peer reviewed, tested, and published by appropriate research outlets.

David has a track record of delivering motivational and development programmes to very large private and public-sector clients that are facing substantial organisational challenges.

Using a broad approach attendees will be empowered with a toolkit that they can use immediately in their role, irrespective of hierarchical level, that can make fundamental changes to how they see the company and their role in it. By the end of the keynote, or workshop, the participants will feel excited and enthused about the opportunities that the future offers the individuals and teams that comprise it. They will also feel stimulated to meaningfully engage in the future development of the organisation.