Psychic Fails to Predict Awkward Performance

November 8, 2012

Gift seems to fail due to unforseen circumstances

Nothing fascinates me more than the world of the psychics. It comprises, experts widely agree, two types of individuals. The ‘shut-eye’ genuinely believes that they are communicating using gifts of paranormal origin, and are seen as being ‘blind’ to the fact that what they are doing is in fact good guesswork, applied high probabilities, strong natural intuition, or a combination thereof. The ‘open-eyes’, however, are fully conscious of the complex psychological game at play and exploit a range of techniques to gather information and feed it back to the ‘sitter’ in a manner that is astonishingly accurate.

In my experience, there are two types of psychic. The ones who genuinely believe that they can talk to the other side, and the ones think they are so good at fooling us that they will never be found out. Both are incorrect.

Psychics that travel around the world have a tricky job. When they join talk shows for interviews hoping to sell expensive tickets for large auditoriums, they have generally no control over the audience selection, editing, or performance parameters. This can sometimes lead to……well……take a look for yourself;

If your still reading this, then your body hasn’t imploded under the pressure of that achingly awkward performance, then you may find the next even more interesting. A reporter who seems genuinely open minded draws mixed conclusions about the psychics performance.

Psychics claim to offer their customers and clients hope. They’re not. They’re selling hope.

There’s a difference.

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