Outsource Solutions NI event enlists Lightbulb teams

February 6, 2019

David & Lightbulb teams were delighted to work with Outsource Solutions NI on their recent Better Business Event, hosted at Galgorm Resort & Spa.  

Companies and organisation’s from across NI came together to discuss ideas and discover innovative solutions that could help them achieve their best year ahead in 2019.

The Give a Hand programme formed the final session of the day.  Outsource Solutions NI loved having the opportunity to deliver a hugely rewarding and challenging team building experience.  Everyone in the room got to make a real difference in the life of another this was a real highlight to a very successful event.



Outsource Solutions NI


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Lightbulb Teams: the place where Bright Business Thinking begins.

Creating programmes that educate, engage, and inspire.

Our flagship GIVE A HAND programmes have changed the lives of countless individuals in the third world.  By working with us you give more than a hand; you give hope, confidence, and help someone in need build their own bright new future.

Watch your team grow as they work together to build a real clinical hand that we donate to those in need, in your organisation’s name.  They’ll be challenged to work as a team, solve problems, communicate and collaborate.

The build is not easy, and that’s the point.  We’ll prove the incredible impact they can have when they embrace their challenges, and work with purpose.

This prosthetic hand team building programme is built from the ground up around your organisations needs.  Contact us to discuss how we can channel your teams potential, and prove to them that anything is possible.

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