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November 28, 2018

Prosthetic Hand Team Building at MSD.

The challenge was set, MSD blew David away with their mindset and approach to this team building workshop.

David ran the Helping Hands session with one of the warmest, friendliest, and forward thinking clients ever.

In our Helping Hand programme, teams are challenged to construct real clinical prosthetic hands that we distribute to needy individuals in the third world. Weeks from now the 50 hands made will be fitted onto poverty stricken disabled individuals in some of the most remote parts of the world. Our themes were inspire, impact, and invent.

MSD fight every day to live their purpose of InventingForLife, and seeing it come to life through David’s keynote and workshop was an unforgettable privilege. The process of building them is a huge challenge. The incredible team at MSD tested their problem solving, teamwork, resilience, communication, and mindset. But in the end they created a life changing tool that will transform the life of a person they haven’t even met yet.

Outside the activity David’s keynote explored the real science of innovation and high performance. 

MSD had specific objectives for their event and given the feedback below these were definitely met through the Keynote and Workshop.

Kathrin Gilly (HR Director MSD) ‘thank you for your energy in kicking off this leader meeting. It set the tone for the events to follow and left an incredibly positive memory in everyone’s mind’.

Joanne Wallace (National Sales Manager at MSD) ‘Great workshop David- Inspirational and Impactful!’.

Paul Lavery (Director, Global Indirect Tax at MSD) ‘A great activity and really brought home what an inspiring company this is to work for! inventingforlife  msdireland’. 


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