Merck Tackle A Real Team Challenge

June 14, 2019

David has worked with MSD/Merck for many years now, keynoting at their international conferences, but this recent event was unforgettable on so many levels.

David’s keynote focused on driving personal and professional change and building on their success.

This led into a session challenging the teams to build real clinical prosthetic hands.  The Give a Hand programme is a really challenging exercise forcing participants to collaborate, problem solve, and work together.

The rewards for the team, and the needy recipient, are immeasurable.  The hands built at this event will be donated in Merck’s name directly to amputees in the developing world.

Merck’s vision of truly inventing for life was matched with our flagship Give a Hand programme, David was honoured to work with such a legacy and purpose driven business.

David will remember this session for years, you can see how the session went in the video below. 


Merck found the session amazing, working closely with David prior to the event we knew the session was going to be great but we couldn’t have imagined the response from the delegates – it was engaging, inspiring and fulfilling, the best speaker we have ever had at a conference.

Would your team like to build a real clinical prosthetic hand to donate to the third world? Contact us here






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