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January 9, 2014

Exciting Schedule of Tv Specials Announced 

Next Wednesday (January 15th, 2014) sees the launch of David’s flagship documentary special David Meade: Crowd Control on BBC One.  With his amazing ability David Meade is a man who stands out in a crowd. He certainly couldn’t be accused of following the crowd, but can he harness its power?

The mentalist returns to BBC One Northern Ireland with a new one-hour special. David Meade: Crowd Control is on Wednesday, January 15 at 10.35pm but this time it’s not just David manipulating his audience as he investigates the science behind something the majority of us have been influenced by at some stage in our lives – crowd control.

To test his legendary powers of crowd manipulation, David takes to the stage in front of 8000 people at last year’s (2013) BBC Proms in The Park Northern Ireland. Can he really influence so many people?

During the programme, David will still wow viewers with his trademark experiments, but this time, he seeks the insights of leading experts and academics into the techniques that make us behave a certain way in crowds. Viewers get insider knowledge on how big business and big events can control our movement and habits.

With the new knowledge he puts some of these techniques to the test as he dons his fluorescent jacket and joins the experts as they look after the safety of more than 40,000 people during Culture Night on the streets of Belfast.

Are you in control of your mind when you go shopping? Do we think we’re free to make our own choices or is someone else influencing our subconscious and directing what products we see and what we buy – in both the physical environment and in the virtual shopping world.

David also looks at what happens when crowd control goes wrong and how people behave in crowded situations: are we free thinkers or do we ‘follow the crowd’ to fit in with everyone else – or for fear of not fitting in.

David said:

“This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and I’ll be honest with you, I was very worried it wouldn’t work. I’m used to messing with people’s minds as a mentalist, but for the first time ever I tried to control a crowd of people without using any of my tricks or techniques. The results are a bit shocking! I didn’t just throw myself into the deep end though – I met with experts and academics from the world of crowd control beforehand and discovered all sorts of useful manipulation techniques and secrets – which I reveal in the show – so you can try them on your friends!”

During his investigations, the mentalist discovers there’s nothing new about trying to get the crowd on your side and also speaks to a leading expert about how cults end up following a strong leader and how they find new recruits.

And will David be able to influence a team of people and make them believe they’re better than the other crowd…?

David Meade: Crowd Control is on BBC One Northern Ireland on Wednesday, January 15 at 10.35pm.



Issued: Thursday, January 02 2014


For further information please contact Kevin McCauley in the BBC Northern Ireland Press Office, 028 9033 8000




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