Meade Supports Eco-Home ‘Rethink Waste’ Initiative

May 12, 2015

David Meade encourages local residents to rethink their waste!

Belfast’s ‘Embarrassing Budgets’ blogger Jennie expressed; “We loved the show. We thought Meade was funny, witty, down to earth and personable. The man is a legend.”


The popular community event was organised by local charities Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and Bryson Charitable Group as part of the Eco-Home Rethink Waste Project, and the focus was on reducing, reusing and recycling… with a very different spin. The basic, but very serious message of the importance of recycling and how to save money on your household bills was broken up by Meade’s quirky quips, witty one-liners and amazing acts.

Belfast’s ‘Embarrassing Budgets’ blogger Jennie, shared her view on the evening “Off I went this unusual choice of venue in Exchange Church, joining a crowd of Belfast folk eager to hear what mind reader, speaker and entertainer David Meade had to say. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I thought I might pick up a few tips for my blog. I certainly didn’t expect a couple of hours of sheer entertainment and genuine amazement.”

Jennie, who was crowned the UK’s Smartest Shopper 2014, also went on the exclaim; “David Meade – what a guy. We loved the show. We thought Meade was funny, witty, down to earth and personable. I think the man is a legend.”

The event was part of an Eco-Home Rethink Waste Project. The Eco-Home programme aims to help householders save money and reduce household bills by making small, simple changes to their household habits. David is a keen supporter of the programme and is regularly involved in activities and community events surrounding the project – keep your eyes peeled for future events in your area.

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