Meade mixup over end of the world prediction

September 25, 2017

Mentalist David Meade receives death threats over end of the world prediction he didn’t make

Having the same name as a man who predicted the world would end on Saturday 23rd September has caused mentalist David Meade no end of grief – even five death threats.

A Christian numerologist claimed a Bible verse proved the end of the world was nigh when a mysterious Planet X was to crash into the Earth. It was a story that made headlines around the world and put a global spotlight on the man behind the claims, American David Meade.

However, our own David Meade, the star of a host of BBC shows – was on the end of some of that attention and has had to repeatedly tell people it was not him who was behind the prediction.

The matter was compounded when news outlets used a picture of him for the story. On Monday morning, he said he had received five death threats in the space of two days as well as being inundated with calls from media organisations around the world to talk on the matter. Many have been on to him asking if they should “party like it’s 1999”.

It prompted him to write a lengthy post explaining to his new followers he was not the man behind the audacious claims. Indeed so certain was he that claims of the world’s demise were untrue, he offered “1000%”refunds on tickets for his new tour should he be proved wrong. He said people should retain their original receipt for a refund after the end of the world to get the money.

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