Meade Delivers at Apple Inc

September 8, 2014

My name is David Meade, and I have a fruit addiction.

Apple MacBook Meade

More specifically the aluminium unibody retina display variety.

I’ve owned virtually every single product that the Cupertino campus have released in the last decade, save for those that would require me to refinance my home.

So you can imagine my excitement at being invited to fly in to join this incredible team of incredible individuals to entertain their hard working Geniuses. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to another event as much in my entire career.

Speaking about my role at the event, manager Peter said

“David Meade is INCREDIBLE, and blew us all away! Over three months later the staff are still talking about the reaction of the room when David  did the reveal. We very much look forward to inviting him back if we have the opportunity to do so. A pleasure to work with and a world class entertainer.”

There was much anticipation from the staff as to what the management team had arranged for their Quarter Meeting. David entered the room and immediately captured everyone’s attention, although no one knew what to expect. In a very short space of time David was picking various members of the team around the room but left us under no illusion that he was actually using everyone in the room to play out his show. As the performance built the staff where drawn in and entertained as they guessed and surmised how he might be creating this “illusion”.

For his final act he had everyone in the room completely convinced that he had made an error in his preparation and the trick had gone wrong. When he revealed that actually the entire room had got it wrong there was an eruption of applause and a standing ovation that seemed to last forever. I have never seen so many open mouths and looks of total disbelief and confusion.”

David Meade is one of Europe’s most sought after corporate event speakers and trainers, delivering high energy keynotes and workshops on leadership, innovation, and motivation.  Visit for more information.


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