Make Believe: BBC’s Record Breaking New Show

November 2, 2012

Landmark Highest Audience Figures on Record, Number One in Slot, and Twitter Trending

Mentalist, David Meade’s latest TV series on BBC NI – Make Believe – received its largest ever audience on launch night last Wednesday, rating number one in the slot and trending on twitter.  The programme is repeated this Sunday on BBC @ 10pm.

The show was recorded with a live audience, so there was no place for the mentalist to hide!  At one point in the programme, David is totally blindfolded, first by gluing a 50pence piece to each closed eye, then his eyes were covered with a night-time sleep mask, and finally he was bandaged right around his head and eyes with gaffa tape.

Watch the reaction on the audience faces, as David makes his way through the audience with a knife, without causing injury to anyone, but the story doesn’t end there … David ended up paying a trip to the emergency ward at his local hospital as the glue had actually gone into David’s eyes and he had to have them flushed out.

David is currently in the US giving presentations in Miami and Harvard, while also performing to packed out houses full of dropped jaws.  David said “I love working with US audiences, their reactions are always incredible and I love the challenge of making my material work across the world”.

Don’t miss David on his live tour throughout Ireland in February when you can see for yourself how David makes the audience believe he can do the truly impossible. Click here for dates and venues.Do You Believe???


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