Let’s Pivot

March 31, 2020

Let’s talk about communication and connection, now more than ever it is so important for businesses to come together in their teams and as employees, do virtual events fit the bill?

With a large majority of the workforce now working remotely how are we keeping teams together and communicating key messages?  There are no coffee catch-ups to discuss common issues, no water cooler pauses to refresh your thoughts.  If this is a challenge for you, your team and even your whole organisation, there is a solution.   

With no certainty on a timeline for this new way of working can you really risk not opening up your channels of communication, keeping your people connected and explaining your expectations for the future and direction of travel.  Employees who are disconnected and unclear of their role will undoubtedly experience levels of low morale, we need to counteract these issues head on.   

Creating a virtual event with today’s technology has never been easier, it is still possible to bring your people together.  Whether it be 2 or 2,000 people, each person can benefit from feeling part of an event.  Whether they take part or passively engage the act of seeing familiar faces and hearing colleagues’ views and opinions will enhance their sense of belonging.  

In the past clients have chosen virtual events for a variety of reasons; cost savings, travel limitations, for a far-reaching global impact, sustainability and of course the super quick turnaround time.  The quantitative live engagement data event organisers have gained from this style of event has been so rich they’ve often built it into their calendar more frequently.  

As a broadcaster and global keynote speaker the key to virtual events is including interactivity and opening discussions.  Visually it’s a great opportunity to speak directly to your individual people, with the correct script and tone, direct messaging can be very clear and powerful.  Using technology in your virtual event can allow for delegate questions, voting and even breakout sessions.  The takeaways for delegates of being able to reconnect and share information can have a real impact on their motivation in the coming weeks.        

As event professional’s we should be pivoting towards these opportunities and not pausing, connecting our people is more important than ever.  

Watch this short 2 minute video for an insight into what a virtual event could look like for your organisation.

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