Kainos Kick-off has ‘No Limits’

May 10, 2021

David had the pleasure of working with the brilliant forward thinking team at Kainos on their ‘No Limits’ – Growing Globally Together, 3 day global conference.  With over 700 attendees each day and some of the best attendance levels they’d ever seen for a virtual event it really was an important communication tactic for their organisation.

Kainos’ refreshing approach to business shone through as they fine tuned their plans based on scoping calls with David and utilising his virtual event expertise, ideas, and engagement knowledge to the maximum.  On a very tight timeframe the globe event was scoped and activated with real professionalism.

The event itself spanned 3 days and was structured to give delegates a real picture into the business landscape and ambition.

The opening first day focused on strategy with a Q&A round table from the business unit leaders facilitated by David.  Teamed with a keynote from David, centred on ‘Grow How’ he showed the real science behind high performance. This informative session interspersed with interactivity set the tone for the overall conference.

David armed delegates with the skills to drive personal and professional ambition. With such a diverse audience David’s content on decision making and influence, mindset, and ownership really reflected the direction Kainos wanted to create for their people.  In true David style he closed with an energising finale and fired everyone up for the following day.

The second day delegates choose what to immerse themselves in, a selection of learning sessions were designed to give a deep insight into Kainos’ products, emerging markets and key wins. Creating a knowledge sharing day across their network through these open sessions took the conference to the next level.

The final day served as a round up day, lead by a panel discussion facilitated by David. His ability to summarise the key messages and skilfully guide the conversations was praised by the client.  The inclusion of some light entertainment meant the day closed on a high and delegates felt empowered and refocused.

This event is a real success story driven by Kainos’ very own ethos of ‘thinking beyond limitations’ and delivering immersive learning opportunities to their hundreds of delegates tuning in from UK, Europe and North America, a virtual event was the only viable solution.

It was also great to be able to facilitate partial hosting of this event.  Supporting Kainos with video production and hands on event management was a real pleasure, not only working with their fantastic team and meeting their leaders but to see delegates engaged and inspired was extremely fulfilling.

Watch this 1 minute video on feedback from the Kainos ‘No Limits’ virtual 3 day event.


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