High performance high on WYG’s agenda

July 5, 2018

WYG one of the world’s most renowned environmental consultants, gathered delegates from all four corners of the globe to invest in their own development and high performance.

The sessions with David looked at the incredible impact psychology can have on your performance, and how to build extraordinary results through the science of High performance.

Delegates relished the experience and felt empowered with new skills.

‘A fantastic opportunity. Looking forward to enhancing our performance using everything we have taken away from the workshops.’

‘David thank you for your insightful and hugely entertaining presentations and workshops! I will definitely be implementing your ideas in my work going forward!!’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed your sessions David. Highly thought provoking! I look forward to introducing new skills to my way of working. I will certainly look at things differently from now on.’

‘Thank you David, for your high energy keynote speech and workshops,  which were first class, motivating and made for a really memorable couple of days.  The Geo-Environment team are looking forward to putting  your training into practice.’

‘David fantastic couple of days with meaningful training and the motivation to actually enact your key points in every day work.’

WYG’s aim was focused and concise on delivering high performance across their organisation. Resulting in useable skills which could be implemented from the offset.

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