Gypsy Star Doherty Threatens Meade

October 31, 2012

Pair nearly come to blows

GAIL HENDERSON, SUNDAY LIFE:: He famously bends minds but mentalist David Meade risk taking a punch to the head while filming his latest TV series.

Has Meade met his match?The County Down mentalist was showcasing his mind boggling powers to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty for his new show when the baffled former bare knuckle fighter threatened to give him a quick jab.

David had travelled to Paddy’s home with his camera crew where he astounded him with his mind bending powers.

Thankfully for David however, celebrity Big Brother winenr Paddy was only joking about getting his fists involved.

“What you didn’t see was, he told me he was going to shove my specky four-eyed head up my a*** if I tried to make an idiot out of him,” David laughed.

“Out of all the celebrities we met though, he was the one who was instantly warm and lovely.”

David and the team filmed the piece at Paddy’s home in a caravan park in Wales.

“He was so warm and gentle and offered to make us sandwiches and tea.  I think the only reason he barked a bit when the cameras were on was for his persona.”

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