GrowShow Live keeps on growing…

August 27, 2020

With less travel comes more time.  Time to create great content and deliver performance boosting learning in a whole new way.

Which is exactly what David has delivered with GrowShow Live from its first episode back on 29th July through to now.

Going live every Wednesday at 3pm UK and 10am Eastern (USA) across LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch making it impossible to miss.

International keynote speaker Meade has shared his business psychology knowledge covering motivation, mindset, persuasion and leadership all backed by applied science

At the time of airing Episode five 13,000 viewers had watched GrowShow Live, which is just fantastic.

It’s really found its place in people’s weekly schedules and its been great to see people engage with the show and share it with their colleagues and friends.

If you’ve not managed to tune in to GrowShow don’t worry there is still time to get your resource for proven scientific tools to maximise your performance.

You can rewatch Episode 5 Persuasion – Sales Secret below:

If you’d like all the GrowShow episodes you’ve missed for free click here.

Episodes 4 & 5 included bonus factsheets click here to get them.

The impact GrowShow is having is astounding and we want to keep going so if you have a team or client who could really benefit from this content please do share it with them like Stuart from Sugar CRM.

Sugar CRM quote GrowShow


Tune in to the next episode of GrowShow on Wednesday 2nd September at 3pm UK or 10am Eastern(USA). You’ll learn about Leadership and get the tools and techniques to move from Good to GREAT!



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