Gilbert-Ash Master the Give a Hand Build

November 8, 2021

David was thrilled to be back working in-person with his good friends at Gilbert-Ash.

He’d last met everyone virtually online at their Christmas celebration evening which he’d created and hosted in December 2020, so it was lovely to get to see some familiar faces.

Getting to join everyone for the day at their brand new state of the art office space was fantastic. Gilbert-Ash wanted to create a really special welcome for their people on their phased return to the office.

Having worked closely with Gilbert-Ash before and understanding their purpose of making a difference in everything that they do, the Give a Hand programme was the perfect solution for their day.

After a thought provoking keynote from David participants got hands on with the challenge.

This programme gave teams of 3, the opportunity to collaborate and problem solve to achieve a build and result like no other.  The groups worked throughout the day building prosethic hands for those less fortunate recipients, who they knew would be so grateful of their effort.

The teams remarked on the power of the activity to give back and how it helped them reconnect with their colleagues in their new surroundings.

The Give a Hand programme allows for a moment of pause and reflection, it’s a truly transformative corporate social responsibility activity that delivers a real tangible outcome.

Each person in the team has a role to play and benefits from the challenge of navigating the unknown but also working towards the obstacles and seeing the amazing outcome.

This fully facilitated activity allows clients to engage and inspire their people in a fulfilling and rewarding manner.

If you’d like to find out more about this team building programme or any others that we run for either in-person, virtual or hybrid events please reach out to a member of our team to find out more.




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