Five Astonishing Videos Your Must See Today

December 24, 2012

Ideas like these change the world


So, it’s Christmas Eve – and all through the house – not a creature is stirring, especially not my wife’s bump that should have arrived as a little bundle of joy. I like to think its taking after Houdini and planning for a slow and dramatic escape before the final big reveal.

So having braved the streets of Banbridge to get some late minute baby supplies, I thought I’d share some of the most important speeches I’ve watched this year.

These are real life stories that we can all learn from. I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments below, or better still share your own for me to see.

I’m not very religious, but if this season is a time for reflection then there’s no better mirror than these five short clips.


In 2.5 minutes – Phil Snider on Equality



In 4 minutes – Nick Vujicic on loving what you have already




In 3 minutes – Zach Wahls on Gay Marriage




In 15 minutes – Steve Jobs on why you shouldn’t listen to anyone but yourself




And finally, Phil Davison on…..well I’m not really sure, as it goes.


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