“A standing ovation that seemed to last forever. I have never seen so many open mouths. Over three months later the staff are still talking about David.”

Apple Inc.

“A very enjoyable session that was motivating and inspiring. Really insightful and encouraging whilst being entertaining plus great that it was still possible to do exercises despite it being a large group. This was the best external speaker I’ve ever seen! Great selection!!”


“I don’t think we’ve ever had a presenter be remembered in such high regard for such a long period of time.  We continue to rave about the contribution you made, and were astonished that you managed to raise the bar two years running.  I can’t recommend you enough.”

Harvard University

“David created a great atmosphere in the upstairs space of the Graduate School and really ‘owned the floor’. David was engaging, invigorating, and entertaining.”

Queen’s University

“The event was fantastic. As always David’s style is very engaging and he keeps you on the edge of your seat. He brings the subject to life and his real world examples make it easy to apply learning back in the workplace.”


EY logo

“David brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to our event and engaged an audience of 1500 from across all levels of our organization over two days. He has a wealth of experience, endless energy and a suite of unique activities and content. If engagement is what you are looking for, David delivers.”


“When David did his presentation, my colleagues were simply open mouthed. The humour, intellectual agility and lessons which he across made it the best session I have seen at a corporate function. My team still talk about that day being the best (and they have experienced quite a few!) business event they had attendee.”

Danske Bank

“I wanted to thank you for the tremendous performance you gave on Saturday evening at our Volkswagen Gala Dinner.  From first speaking with you, through to the end of our Event, your approach was so professional and reassuring that it provided us with so much confidence along the way.”


‘David is an utter delight to listen to and learn from – a real gem in the technology conferencing space.  Excellently researched and produced content, world class delivery, and a pleasure to work with.’

Cabinet Office, Westminster

“From the moment he stepped on stage, David’s high-energy motivational speech generated an amazing buzz for the entire session, one that we have never experienced from an external speaker before. Attendees came with no expectation and left highly motivated & engaged and are still talking about David’s session with high praise 4 weeks later.”

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