End of the World? No, mistaken Identity!

April 15, 2018

Hi! David here. (Not the end of the world guy.)

(update – this story has been featured in the Washington Post – scroll down for the full article)

You might have heard news of a theorist (also called David Meade) who is predicting the world would end in 2017. By coincidence, this chaps name is David Meade, and as you might imagine it’s lead to a lot of confusion.

In fact, my team have been receiving hundreds of enquiries from all over the world asking if we should all sell up and party will the end like it’s 1999.

Even newspapers all over the world have linked to my site, used my picture, and linked me incorrectly to this story. For clarity, I have no connection to the story other than sharing a name with the other David Meade.

I’m so certain of this, that I’m please to offer a 1000% refund value on tickets solid for my BRAND NEW TOUR in the event of an apocalypse. Please retain original receipt for redemption to be eligible for refund after world’s end.

Best Wishes, David Meade

David Mistaken identity story has been picked up as a feature in the Washington post! Click on the image below to enlarge

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