Dun & Bradstreet excel at our Helping Hand challenge

November 15, 2018

“Prosthetic Hand Team Building” challenges and inspires your team in a way no other activity can, and the team at Dun & Bradstreet took it to a whole new level!

The programme focused on the real science behind collaboration, team work, and high performance, stretching participants to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the incredible talent that exist across their team.

David was blown away by how much this team threw themselves into both the content and the activities. They were standing up, interacting, working together on solving meaningful business challenges and opportunities, as well as laughing and learning along the way.

The hands built in this session will transform the lives of landmine and violent crime victims in the developing world. Just goes to show, when we work together in our businesses we really can achieve extraordinary things.

Watch the team in action. 

The feedback from the event was excellent.

‘David made our team event, he managed the pace exceptionally well, gave just the right balance of business focus, reflection and craic! A unique event and an experience we have never had before. If you want someone who will provide an immediate, long-lasting and real impact on your team and it’s development – then, David Meade is a must! Unique, motivational and powerful’.

Read all the LinkedIN comments on the event.


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