A Special Delivery to Alwar, India

September 4, 2019

The Give a Hand Programme is a prosthetic hand team building challenge: In just 60 minutes, your team can change the life of someone they haven’t even met yet.

Watch this short 2 minute video to meet the patients who receive the hands built by our fantastic friends at DRPG.


Our flagship team development session, Give a Hand, challenges your people to build – from scratch – real clinical prosthetic hands that we then donate for free in your team’s name, to needy individuals in the developing world. Delegates work hard to construct this life enhancing and transforming device that allows patients to go back to work and school, to write, draw, feed themselves and drive a vehicle.  It gives them back their independence that many had lost for decades.

This single clinic in Alwar, India was servicing the state of Rajasthan (68 million people). Hundreds of individuals arrived and benefited from having a prosthetic hand fitted but it was not even scratching the surface of those who need these devices.  We want to continue to make a difference and give hope to those individuals that are still in need of one of these devices, to find out how you can get involved see the details below.


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Our flagship GIVE A HAND programmes have changed the lives of countless individuals in the third world.  By working with us you give more than a hand; you give hope, confidence, and help someone in need build their own bright new future.

The build is not easy, and that’s the point.  We’ll prove the incredible impact they can have when they embrace their challenges, and work with purpose.

This prosthetic hand team building programme is built from the ground up around your organisations needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can channel your teams potential, and prove to them that anything is possible.

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