DRPG are astounded by the impact of Give a Hand

July 24, 2019

David Meade and Lightbulb Teams were delighted to be part of DRPG’s annual summer conference at Wyboston Lakes in Bedford, on Monday 15th July.

The global creative communications group hosted 320 members of the DRPG team for a jam packed conference.

“The summer conference is a fantastic chance for us to reflect on the year so far and get excited for the future, boosting our team and keeping the momentum going as we go into the penultimate quarter. With new collaborations, new challenges and new goals in the pipeline, we are constantly growing, and the conference offers us the chance to pause, reenergise and refocus on our objective of becoming the company of choice,” commented CEO Dale Parmenter.

DRPG hand picked David Meade and the Give a Hand activity for their afternoon session – delegates were completely in the dark as to what activity they would be doing, all details were kept under wraps.

DRPG Give a Hand

Through an overview keynote from David Meade the audience were given an insight into life without functioning hands and the impact that has.

Teams were challenged to work together to build a real clinical hand that are donated to those in need, in DRPG’s name.  Work in teams they solved problems, communicated and collaborate together as one.

Delegates were buzzing during and after the task – each delegate played a pivotal role in constructing and designing their hand.

DRPG wanted to refocus their teams to work together and as you can see from the 2 minute video below they didn’t quite expect an exercise to have the impact it did.

lightbulb teams logo

Our flagship GIVE A HAND programmes have changed the lives of countless individuals in the third world.  By working with us you give more than a hand; you give hope, confidence, and help someone in need build their own bright new future.

The build is not easy, and that’s the point.  We’ll prove the incredible impact they can have when they embrace their challenges, and work with purpose.

This prosthetic hand team building programme is built from the ground up around your organisations needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can channel your teams potential, and prove to them that anything is possible.

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