David’s Winning Formula with Danske Bank

October 19, 2016

David’s key partnership with Danske Bank is a winning formula


A key partnership for David and his team are Danske Bank. David has worked for closely with Danske Bank on a number of their key events and is delighted to continue their working relationship by delivering powerful and impactful training programmes that really work for the customer.

Garth Maxwell, Head of Private Banking, Danske Bank commented on working with David on the company’s most recent team development programme

“I had just taken over a new team and was looking for something different and memorable as part of our team building / development programme. David was recommended to me by a colleague and after a brief conversation it became obvious this was a good choice. I found his approach refreshing and flexible as we designed the day. He engaged with other specialists I had already commissioned in a way not many in his position would.

The result was fantastic. He contributed more to our event than we had commissioned him for and really took time to engage with my team. He personality is infectious and he quickly built rapport and trust with the delegates. Quite unusually, he joined in with the team on other activities before his session. This made us all believe he had a genuine interest in the outcome for me and my business rather than just delivering his session.

When David did do his presentation my colleagues were simply open mouthed. The humour, intellectual agility and lessons which he across made it the best session I have seen at a corporate function.

My team still talk about that day being the best (and they have experienced quite a few!) business event they had attendee. For me it exceeded all my expectations and I will be using David at future gigs.”

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