David’s positive message louder than 10,000 voices at Public Health Agency Event

April 23, 2018

David gives a motivational, fun & energising Keynote address


The Public Health Agency contacted Team Meade, to invite David to be their keynote speaker at their recent celebration event, 10,000 Voices. David of course was delighted to part of PHA’s special event and certainly left a lasting impression.

Christine Armstrong, Public Health Agency, had the following to say “David was absolutely the right choice for the keynote speaker for our celebration event. He had the right balance of fun with very clear messages for the audience intertwined. He really got the event off to a great start. We appreciated the fact that he shared some personal experiences of health services and this added a very valuable dimension to his presentation. From our first meeting with David, he showed a great interest in our work and this was clear throughout his keynote address.

Feedback from the audience was very positive. Just a few extracts of what was said: Fantastic Speaker, uses his experiences to get the message across, appropriate in today’s focus, thought that I did listen well, but I touched   my cheek when it was meant to be my chin, we need to listen more carefully! 

I would 100% recommend David as a keynote speaker, he engages well with the audience, with the organising team, gets the messages across and creates a sense of fun in all interactions”

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