David shows delegates at HKA Global Summit in Athens, how ancient thinking can hinder success

May 11, 2018

Delegates buzzing after David makes a positive impact at Summit.

David was so honoured to be the keynote speaker & facilitator at the HKA Global 2018 Partner Summit in Athens. Two days jam packed with learning, interactivity, engagement, and fun. Delegates were challenged to step outside their comfort zone and the impact was huge! David shared cutting edge research on how some very small changes to how we think, and act can make a huge impact on our success. Already a world class organisation, HKA  partners were immersed throughout, and there was barely a PowerPoint slide in sight!

The delegates enjoyed David’s session so much, Team Meade have been inundated with feedback. Here is just the tip of the iceberg on what the people at HKA had to say:

Adam Winegard, Partner, HKA “Amazing event! Corporate meetings are typically an exercise in staying awake but HKA’s Global Partner Summit, orchestrated by our Management Team and facilitated by David Meade was exciting and thought provoking. “Shut the Front Door!” Never a dull moment. Like HKA – David is the leader in his space”

Toby Hunt, Partner, HKA “A great event which has already produced some tangible benefits for HKA. Great job David Meade”

Renny Borhan, Chief Executive, HKA “Best Conference EVER! Our Global Partner Summit earlier this week was a great opportunity to bring over 60 partners from around the world to beautiful Athens, Greece for three days of intense team-building, strategic planning and engagement. I was amazed by the calibre of talent in that room – kudos to David Meade for keeping us 110% solidly engaged”


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