David Offers Inspirational Start to Team Acumen

September 11, 2014

Lessons in Leadership & Innovation for Businesses


David, a researcher and lecturer in international business, delivered the principal keynote at the launch of the exciting new Acumen center from NRC. His keynote address  discussed the importance of investing in leadership and management and how this leads to a more effective and efficient business.  David was joined by Richard Ramsey, NI Economist with Ulster Bank Group Economics who  provided a witty yet insightful analysis and commentary on all aspects of the NI economy including financial markets.

Reflecting on David’s contribution to the event, organiser Nuala Brady said;

From the beginning David’s energy, drive and passion for making our event a success was evident.  We were particularly struck by the detailed level of preparation and research David carried out to ensure that his talk was pitched at exactly the right level.  His delivery and interaction with the audience was highly creative, highly entertaining but most importantly of all relevant to audience needs.  David made sure to give the business audience practical techniques that could be put into effect when they returned to the office that afternoon.  The feedback from this event has been fantastic, generating greater awareness of what we do, creating new business leads and helping to position our Acumen brand as a solutions based resource for business.  This would not have been possible without David’s unique style and grasp of what his audience needs really are!

Sam Bell, NRC Head of Faculty & Leisure Studies said: “We were delighted to offer this  key business event which was being hosted by Acumen, the leadership and management training and education centre of the College, to the business community. We recognise the intense pressure businesses and organisation are under these days and how important good leadership and management skills are to drive effectiveness and efficiencies.”

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