David Meade Supports ‘Big Spring Clean’ Campaign

March 30, 2015

Record breaking attendance for landmark ‘Tidy NI’ initiative

Katy Jenkins, campaign manager at Tidy Northern Ireland, said: “We wanted to create an image that represented people coming together for the Big Spring Clean.”


Katy added: “The album cover is an iconic piece of artwork that allowed us to include different groups of people – all of whom support the campaign”.

The Big Spring Clean has become Northern Ireland’s largest voluntary campaign to improve the environment. This is their homage to one of the world’s most recognisable album covers – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.

During the 2014 campaign, the Big Spring Clean saw 100,000+ people across Northern Ireland roll up their sleeves in a bid to tidy up their area. People were inspired to take pride in their community with this montage of some of the people who have supported the Big Spring Clean over the last four years. Instead of Oscar Wilde, Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe, they have included famous local faces – such as Mentalist David Meade, Joe Mahon, Paddy Barnes, Brian Kennedy and Lynda Bryans – all of whom have backed the Belfast Telegraph’s huge litter campaign.

The Big Spring Clean joined forces with Tidy Northern Ireland and DoE Rethink Waste and inspired tens of thousands of local people to tackle the litter blighting their area. In 2013 more than 53,000 people got involved, removing 163 tonnes of waste from their surroundings, last year’s campaign saw a record breaking 100,000+ people cleaning up their towns and countryside.

Mentalist David Meade, who is a big advocate of the voluntary campaign was present at the event offering ideas on how to change littering behaviour.

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