David Meade roots for local hero Rory McIlroy

July 7, 2015

Join David in one of the world’s largest experiments in positive thinking! [Video]


Mentalist David Meade teams up with Belfast Telegraph to call upon their fellow readers to use the power of the mind to help heal Rory McIlroy’s ruptured ankle ligaments ahead of next weekend’s Open tournament. The Co Down mind reader believes positive thinking on the part of the Northern Irish public could play a key role in aiding McIlroy’s recovery.

The kickabout that left Rory with a badly injured ankle could turn out to be one of the most expensive fun football games the world has ever seen. If the golfing superstar fails to recover in time to take part in the final two Majors of the season, it would cost him a potential loss of £2m in prize money, but even more in lost endorsements.

Visit the Belfast Telegraph website at noon today to view David’s instructions on how to join in and show Northern Ireland’s global hero that we are all rooting for him. What’s to lose?

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