David Meade: Million Dollar Bet

December 8, 2014

New show on BBC One Northern Ireland

Some people say he’s one in a million. But this time he’s putting his ‘mentalism’ where his mouth is to see if he can win a million.

Watch David Meade: Million Dollar Bet

‘Mentalist’ David Meade, the man who appears to have the ability to read minds, predict the future and get inside your head, has taken on his biggest experiment ever in his new entertainment show on BBC One Northern Ireland.

David Meade in Las Vegas BBC 1 N.I.

In the one-hour special, the man with the mystifying abilities uses his mind-boggling skills to see if he can figure out how to beat the odds and become the million dollar mentalist. To find out, David goes to Las Vegas in the Nevada desert in a bid to put his talent to the test. But will he be leaving Las Vegas with his ‘mentalism’ intact or is he playing roulette with his powers?

In the programme, David Meade: Million Dollar Bet, the entertainer begins his journey by exploring the topic of gambling, delving into the world of probability and the statistics of winning and losing – meeting some people who have won a little or lost a lot. He seeks the advice of bookies on the race track and visits a casino to find out more about the mathematics connected with having a flutter. One useful bit of advice David receives, on how to win one million this way, is to start with two million!

David Meade in Las Vegas BBC 1 N.I.

David travels to Cambridge University Mathematics Department to chat with an expert about the laws of probability. And when he reaches Vegas, he meets the man known as the ‘wizard of odds’ to find out more about how various games work and what the odds are of winning. It’s then time for the ‘mentalist’ to decide what game gives him the best chance to win a million and if he can use his skills to take on the laws of probability. Faced with the high pressure stakes in the cauldron of a Las Vegas casino, David discovers what it’s like to win and to lose and viewers see if his legendary mind-bending powers can beat the odds or does the house always have to win.

The mentalist said:

“Viewers know me well enough now to appreciate that I’m not just going to Vegas, taking my chances and leaving my mentalist powers at the door! This is an entertainment programme after all and I’m not some psychic and I don’t have some super power. But it’s still a huge gamble – excuse the pun – for me to put my powers to the test in this environment. I’m in a real Vegas casino, there are no camera tricks. In the programme I also want to find out what makes people take chances and risks and how it can get out of control. I meet some very interesting people along the way who look at the cold facts and figures and who know about the chances of winning. And, while gambling can be fun, we also hear how people can lose, big time. Did I win? Well, let’s just say I’m keeping my cards close to my chest!”

Broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland, Monday, December 15, 10.35pm

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