David Meade launches Equiniti ICS’s Landmark Software

April 21, 2015

David adds a little magic to HR and Payroll Solution with ‘PeopleAX

A spokesperson for Equiniti commented; “David’s contribution was probably the most significant factor in creating a very impressive and successful event. We were absolutely delighted with the event and are still talking about it. It was truly a fantastic morning and the feedback has been tremendous. I am sure that there will be opportunities to replicate the event in the future.”

Equiniti recently launched PeopleAX at Belfast’s MAC Theatre with the help of mentalist and business coach David Meade.

Eight of Northern Ireland’s top companies were present at the launch to hear all about the Microsoft-accredited HR and payroll solution, and also got to witness David perform some impressive mind-reading tricks and hear him talk about the need for businesses to take risks in order to grow.

Equiniti ICS, one of the leading innovators of HR and payroll software in the UK has launched PeopleAX, a Microsoft accredited package to assist companies with 500+ employees manage their decision-making and HR resource.

Mervyn McCormick, Head of Sales at PeopleAX who developed the software with his Belfast team stated, “People are at the heart of every company and help map its journey, PeopleAX provides a framework of support for managing payroll that benefits both companies and their employees.  Our software, in many ways, provides a vital but invisible role.”

This is the first product of its kind in the UK and offers a level of dependability and innovation that Equiniti ICS are renowned for.

Mervyn went on to state “Any data transmission that depends on paper is doomed. Modern, electronic services are informed by years of analysis and experience of the issues facing multi-dimensional organisations.”

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