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December 18, 2013

Heads of Industry Call on Davids Expertise in Change Management

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The hospitality and tourism industry have always been passion areas for David.  Having worked extensively in  these sectors in both the UK and the USA, he has always had a very strong affinity for the idiosyncrasies of these critical components of our economies.  Delivering a session that emphasised the importance of strong decision making and a clearly defined leadership strategy, the interactive session was deemed the highlight of the annual event by Chief Executive Colin Neil.

Speaking of David’s role on the day, Colin Neil said;

David’s skilled and  delivery of our corporate message made him by far the most popular speaker we have ever engaged.  The event was an outstanding success and there is no doubt that the positive result was in the majority down to David. His expertise and professionalism were evident from the beginning, with David taking considerable time to not only understand our needs but to understand the audience and provide a targeted programme. The feedback from attendees was the most positive we have ever received. It is not often that I would unreservedly recommend someone but in this case I would and indeed I would go further and say that David is without doubt the most professional, entertaining and skilled corporate speaker I have ever met. I look forward to engaging David’s services again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to include a highly energetic, motivational and above all professional speaker in their event.


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