David goes Global at SAP Concur’s Summit

March 30, 2022

David was delighted to once again be asked to Host and Emcee at the Global Summit for SAP Concur.

Adding his inimitable personal touch to the virtual event for the second time, David steered the executive Q&A with Solution Area Leader Mike Koetting, led round-table discussions with industry experts and pulled in audience questions while covering essential topics on the agenda.

Attended by customers as well as staff, the event is an opportunity for SAP Concur to build on its global community, set objectives and get key messages across. David’s professional expertise helped to give everyone a voice and ensure the meeting flowed easily and that the crucial points were delivered effectively.

Senior Manager Kym Overland Westholter said: “The event completely surpassed expectations. David absolutely brought the energy to the session, he was engaging, he pulled the audience in to the conversation. It was flawless. The multiple camera angles that he brought into it, the sound… everything was just a much higher quality. It brought a whole new level to everything so it was great.

“For the event team specifically it really brought in the value of bringing in a professional presenter to do something like this. We don’t have to do everything ourselves internally and we get so much more value if we bring in people who this is their expertise and can really help create an experience that we can’t for getting a lot of really positive feedback from our customers that attended but also our internal staff. We’ve had a lot of requests asking if he can he do future events because it was so well received.”

Commenting on the event David said: “I was delighted to be asked to be involved in SAP Concur’s Global Summit for a second time.

“The event was about bringing customers and team members together in an engaging and informative way and it was a pleasure to be a part of.”

Watch the short 1 minute video to see more:

If you’d like to learn more about working with David please do let us know.


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