Connection is King

June 30, 2021

David was delighted to be invited to join Allstate NI for their leadership event.

Armed with the content, Allstate trusted David to help them create connection for their people with his interactive team building activity Virtual Mosaic.

With delegates all working remotely from home it was a key opportunity to bring everyone into one room virtually.

Over 200 leaders joined the session and David used fun interactive moments to energise and set delegates up for their very own challenge.

David showcased a selection of true-life, inspirational anecdotes which readied everyone for the task that lay ahead. Using custom built software everyone was granted access to the Team Mosaic portal where the task began, then within breakout rooms, each person followed the instructions on the system to select a tile and start to recreate their own version of what they’d uncovered. Helping each other along the way.

Hundreds of tiles were selected and drawn then reloaded back to create the overall masterpiece. Within their rooms they helped each other navigate the system, decipher their image and work under the time pressure to complete as many tiles collectively as possible.

Allstate Virtual Mosaic

In true style, David created a TV quality reveal to unveil the artwork, giving everyone an opportunity to see their work.

Working through unknown times and towards the challenges, as well as discovering new ways to work together was all part of this programme and it certainly made the teams pause and think about the role they play within their organisation.

In preparing for this event David and his team worked closely with the event organisers to ensure Allstate’s core values were within his dialogue but also in the artistic representation of the mosaic.  Each element of the design held meaning and importance to the company values and collective team.  A long-lasting piece of artwork now exists for the team to remember.

It was great to hear directly from Joy Chambers about the event and what David’s facilitation skills and programme delivered for Allstate.


David’s keynote lifted the team and the team building activity created true connection for the leaders.  It was great to provide an event with such impact.

Allstate David Meade feedback


Speak to the team today to see how to use content and connection to bring out the very best in your team.

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