Celebrating Summer the AFLAC way

July 31, 2020

David recently worked with AFLAC on their Summer Celebration Event for 2020.

AFLAC are a tech company that started in 2019 and have grown to become a 50+ employer inside a very short space of time. Their Summer Celebration event was an opportunity for their team to get together to have some fun, celebrate their hard work 9 months in and get to know one another better. Due to current circumstances their event was moved to the online realm which they worried may have made it harder for their employees to enjoy themselves and take something away from. That was until they decided to get David Meade involved!


The full day virtual event was hosted on our event platform where David and his team, supported by Willis Events, delivered a high energy business session in the AM on the drivers of decision making, persuasion, influence, motivation and engagement. Following a well-earned lunch break for the AFLAC team, the virtual event reconvened in the afternoon with an interactive gameshow facilitated by David Meade. David was joined by some familiar celebrity faces and the gameshow had the AFLAC team on their edge of their seat to see who would win the amazing spot prizes.


Producing this virtual event and delivering the content allowed David Meade to ensure that the experience of the AFLAC team was professional, slick and reliable. David’s energetic delivery style is infectious and when delivering virtual events, he believes it is vital to engage with the audience by entering into conversation with those who may normally ‘sit back’ at team meetings and events.

It was wonderful to receive 5 star feedback from the event.

Keith AFLAC testimonial

Sarah AFLAC testimonial

If you’d like to learn more about working with David on your team event why not get in touch.

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