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David adds a little magic to HR and Payroll Solution with ‘PeopleAX

A spokesperson for Equiniti commented; “David’s contribution was probably the most significant factor in …

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David backs ‘Live Here, Love Here’ initiative [Video]

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful works to make Northern Ireland a cleaner and better place in which to …

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How to do more with less

If you haven’t heard of TED, get ready to lose yourself in days worth of time zapping, procrastination aiding, …

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Simpson’s team use proven psychological ploy to achieve acquittal

Believe it or not, a growing body of research shows that people are more likely to …

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Video – Use psychology to trick yourself thinner

The new year is well upon us, and some research shows that 92% of new years resolutions …

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Science Fact or Science Fiction?

My name is David Meade, and I am an MFS (Man Flu Survivor).  The condition is currently …

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