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Hi! David here. (Not the end of the world guy.)

(update – this story has been featured in the Washington Post – scroll down for …

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New ideas are ‘taking off’ at Antrim Borough Council

Using the airline industry as their theme, Antrim Borough Council brought together captains of the private …

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David Lifts The Lid on Retailers Persuasion Tricks


Persuading a customer to spend their hard earned cash on merchandise is the holy grail of …

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david in the daily mirror

Mind-Boggling Meade Wows Millions Globally

Victoria McMahon, Daily Mirror.  Mind-boggling David Meade has gone global after his death-defying levitation stunt. …

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Meade Goes Viral with 1.1 Million views in 24 hours

15,000 shoppers turned out to see David perform a most astonishing feat …

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Mayhem On The Cobbles In BBC First – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

I’ve been blown away by the response to the new show “Make …

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pyshic sign

Gift seems to fail due to unforseen circumstances

Nothing fascinates me more than the world of the psychics. It comprises, experts widely agree, two types …

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