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Hi! David here. (Not the end of the world guy.)

(update – this story has been featured in the Washington Post – scroll down for …

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Happy Friday Folks!

I’m back in 2020 with a Brand New live show – Catch Meade If You Can.

You’ll be blown away with what …

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Team Meade Lake Donner

David feels he has the best job in the world but behind him is one well oiled machine, who just love helping to make your …

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Leadership Live 2019

Financial Bonus’s are ruining your business!

What a statement .. but it was just one of the lessons shared at Leadership Live by DRPG and …

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David Meade Herding the crowd

David Meade shows how we are driven by group expectations and businesses armed with this information can be dramatically more effective at directing how their consumers behave in a situation.

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Is less really more

In this article, David explores how research is fast proving that less is really more, and that by decreasing your product offerings you can increase your sales by 600%.

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Give a Hand Clinic Alwar

The Give a Hand Programme is a prosthetic hand team building challenge: In just 60 minutes, your team can change the life of …

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