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Hi! David here. (Not the end of the world guy.)

(update – this story has been featured in the Washington Post – scroll down for …

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David delivers virtual celebration for Cisco

Virtual events can all start to look and feel the same if we don’t plan them well, but when done right they can be incredible.

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David's virtual session for Queen's

Queen’s University Belfast enlisted David as part of their recent research culture week.

David gave an informative high energy 90 minute session showing delegates how to …

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David Meade VE Studio

David recently worked with AFLAC on their Summer Celebration Event for 2020.

AFLAC are a tech company that started in 2019 and have grown to …

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David never doubted for a second the power of bringing people together but what he’s thrilled to see is the resilience of organisations to push …

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David Meade VE

David Meade on why top firms are turning to EQ to balance and boost their business.

Not just a key driver of engagement and loyalty, …

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David Meade Learning Pool

Let’s talk about communication and connection, now more than ever it is so important for busi

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