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December 17, 2013

Chamber And Lexus Join Forces At Annual Networking Summit

Chamber Event audience

David was selected as the keynote speaker to close the landmark annual  Chamber of Commerce annual networking event which is designed to give leading businesses from across the country an opportunity to engage and network with each other.  Huge thanks to Lexus and Charles Hurst Belfast, whose partnership with David made the appearance possible.

Commenting on David’s contribution to the day, event organiser Richard Willis said;

David exceeded expectations on all levels when addressing the Chamber’s Annual Conference. He commanded the audience of Northern Irish business leaders with a mix of clever wit and a genuine business understanding. A seemingly effortless ability to blend business theory and fun is a rare and brilliant mix. It didn’t take long for David to turn the traditionally sceptical Belfast audience into putty in his hands with his intelligent, well thought out and relevant content. . David was the highlight of the event and was key in pulling the whole event together. David is a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Speaking on the topic of “Risk and Reward in times of change”, David’s session proved a huge success outlining the challenges and opportunities that face innovative organisations pushing their operations forward.

David NI Chamber

The event was an extraordinary success with over 300 business delegates in attendance offering leaders and executives the opportunity to meet, engage and participate in networking activities designed to create new business relationships and opportunities.

David Chamber Lexus

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